Biochemical Molecules


  • The special properties of water that make Earth suitable for life: cohesion, temperature moderation, expands when freezing, universal solvent.
  • The basic structures and main functions of the 4 biological macromolecules: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids & Nucleic Acids
  • How enzymes function as catalysts that lower the activation energy of biochemical reactions
  • How different factors such as pH and temperature effect enzyme acvity

Resources to help you:

Ms. Noderer’s Prezi on Biomolecules

BioCoach: Properties of Biomolecules (

Biochemistry Tutorial:

Video: The Molecules of Life (from Bozeman Biology on YouTube)

Video: Polymers


Key Learning: Living organisms are composed of complex chains of carbon as well as many different simple elements.  These macromolecules along with water help organisms to function and survive in their environment.

UEQ: What is the relationship between water, the four essential macromolecules and an organism’s regulation by chemical processes?

Concept 1:  Subatomic Structure

  • How do valence electrons affect living organisms?
  • How can I identify an ionic, covalent or hydrogen bond?

Concept 2: Properties of Water

  • How does the arrangement of covalent bonds within a water molecule lead to its polar property?
  • How do the special properties of water contribute to Earth’s suitability as an environment for life?

Concept 3: Biological Molecules

  • How do dehydration synthesis (condensation reactions) and hydrolysis reactions work together to meet the energy and structural requirements of living organisms?
  • How does the structure of each biological molecule relate to its specific function?
  • How do enzymes impact chemical reactions in an organism?

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