Unit Guide

Key Learning:  The theory of evolution is used to explain the diversity of life found on the Earth as well as to predict future changes in biodiversity.

UEQ:  How do environmental and genetic factor’s work together to cause evolutionary changes in organisms?

Concept 1: Origin of Life

  • What experiments led to the development of the scientific explanation for the origin of life?
  • How can we use endosymbiosis to support the theory of the origin of eukaryotic cells?

Concept 2: Mechanisms of Evolution

  • What are the major causes and effects of natural selection?
  • How do mutation and genetic recombination impact genetic variation?
  • What influence do genetic drift and gene flow have on evolutionary change?
  • How do we use the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium equation as a theoretical model to predict differences in genotypes in a population? 

Concept 3:  Evidences of Evolution

  • How can we analyze the various supporting evidences for the scientific theory of evolution?

Concept 4: Hominid Evolution

  • How does brain size, jaw size, language and use of tools show evidence for trends in hominid evolution?

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