Genes & Heredity


Unit Guide

Key Learning:  Mendel’s laws explain the basic principles of genetics.  Modern experimentation has led to a greater understanding of complex inheritance patterns.

UEQ:  How do patterns of inheritance allow us to predict the expression of traits in an individual?

Concept 1: Mendelian Genetics

  • What influence did Gregor Mendel have on the study of genetics?
  • How can we relate the structure and function of the flower to Mendel’s work in inheritance?
  • How can I identify dominant and recessive patterns of inheritance?
  • How can we predict inheritance of multiple traits using Punnett squares?

Concept 2: Complex Inheritance Patterns

  • How can I identify and predict offspring non-Mendelian crosses?
  • How can we analyze how genetic traits and disorders are inherited using pedigrees?



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