Human Body Systems


Cardiovascular System:
Nervous System
Immune System:
Bonus:  Endocrine System


Unit Guide

Key Learning:  The human body is comprised of a network of systems.  Each system is designed to accomplish certain functions that are interdependent with other systems the body to maintain homeostasis.

UEQ:  How can we describe the interdependence of human body systems?

Concept 1: Reproductive System

  • This content was addressed with Nurse Prevention Lessons
  • How can I identify the basic anatomy and physiology if the human reproductive system?
  • What are the major events of human development from fertilization to birth?

Concept 2: Cardiovascular System

  • How do the structures of the heart and the connecting blood vessels lead to blood flow through the circulatory system?
  • How can we describe factors that affect blood flow through the cardiovascular system?

Concept 3: Immune System

  • How can we identify and explain the basic functions of the human immune system?
  • What is the role of vaccines in protection of an individual and in safe guarding the public from the spread of infectious disease?

Concept 4: Nervous System

  • How can we identify the major structures of the brain?

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