Intro to Biology


Video: Scientific Method (from Bozeman Biology on YouTube)


Unit Guide

Key Learning: Science disciplines may differ from one another in what is studied, techniques used, and outcome sought, but they share a common purpose and philosophy.  Scientists construct explanations based on well-reasoned, logical arguments built upon multiple lines of valid scientific evidence using what they already know as a foundation.

UEQ: How are scientific practice, scientific explanations and scientific knowledge applied in the study of biology?

**Note: This unit was greatly compressed due to timing of Nurse Prevention lessons this year.  Some concepts were moved to the Cells Unit as noted below 🙂 )

Concept 1: Lab Safety & Equipment

  • What are the essential components of laboratory safety?
  • How can we compare and contrast the structures & functions of various types of microscopes? (**TO BE COVERED IN UNIT 3: CELLS)

Concept 2: Scientific Practice & The Cell Theory (**TO BE COVERED IN UNIT 3: CELLS & THROUGHOUT COURSE)

  • What is the relationship between inference and observations?
  • How can we evaluate the merits of scientific data using graphs, charts and models?
  • What is the relationship between a theory and a law?
  • How do the cumulative contributions of multiple scientists in the development of the cell theory demonstrate the practice of science?

Concept 3: Characteristics of Life (**TO BE COVERED IN UNIT 3: CELLS)

  • How do certain characteristics define life?

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