Nucleic Acids & Gene Expression




Video: What is DNA? (From Bozeman Biology on YouTube)

Video: Transcription and Translation

Unit Guide

Key Learning:  DNA carries the genetic information of a cells and consists of thousands of genes.  Each gene serves as a blueprint for building protein molecules.  The structure of DNA allows for it to be quickly and accurately replicated so proteins can be synthesized.

UEQ:  What influence does DNA have on the functions of a cell?

Concept 1: DNA

  • What roles did key scientists play in discovering the substance and structure of DNA?
  • How does the structure of DNA facilitate replication?

Concept 2: RNA & Protein Synthesis (The “Central Dogma” of Biology)

  • How can we compare and contrast the structure and function of DNA & RNA?
  • How do transcription and translation work together to result in gene expression?

Concept 3: Mutations

  • How can we describe the impact that various types of mutations that may occur in a DNA sequence?
  • How do mutations in gametes result in phenotypic change?

Concept 4: Biotechnology

  • What impact does biotechnology have on the individual, society and the environment?
  • How do we use biotechnology to improve the quality of human life?
  • What influence do the ethics have on research and use of biotechnology?

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