Midterms: January 14-17, 2013

Ready to ace the Bio Honors midterm?  New videos and links have been added to the topic pages  to help you do your best.

Test Schedule:

Mon 1/14: 7th Per Exam

Tues 1/15: 1st & 2nd Per Exam

Wed 1/16: 3rd & 4th Per Exam (1:00 early release)

Thurs 1/17: 5th & 6th Per Exam (12:00 early release)

Topic units that are on your exam:

Midterm review 2013

Study Tips to help you prepare:

**Do you have study tips that help you?  Hit “Reply” to make a comment & add your ideas!

  1. DON’T CRAM!  Cramming only puts the information in short term memory.  You will be seeing these topics again for the EOC, so work to move the info into your long-term memory.  You can do this by setting up a schedule to spread out your studying over several nights.
  2. Take breaks- you will remember the 1st and last things you studied better, so taking breaks will give you multiple “beginnings and endings” to your study session.
  3. Learn & understand the overall big picture of your topic first, then move to the details.

Study activities- If you don’t know the “how” of studying, you can follow this plan:

  1. Gather your notes, review guides, textbook and other materials.
  2. Evaluate what you already know, and what you don’t.  Identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Start your studying where you need it most.
  3. Choose a topic to start- don’t try to tackle the whole course at once.
  4. With your topic in mind, flip through your text book chapter first.  Look at the headings, bold words and graphics.  Quiz yourself as you go- what things do you remember well, which ones do you need to go back to and reread?  Get a good big picture view of the topic.
  5. Go back to the sections that you were weak on an re-read them.  Review the graphics and try to connect to the ideas & concepts.  Make notes about things you want to ask about or get clarification in class.
  6. Read through your notes.
  7. Read through your unit guide and/or study guide.
  8. Quiz yourself about the topic using your notes, unit/study guide, or by asking the textbook headings as questions.  If you know it, move on.  If not, go back and review again.  Remember to make notes about things you want to ask your teacher in class.
  9. IMPORTANT:  To move what you have learned to long-term memory, you will need to briefly review this topic several times.  If you give yourself about 10-15 minutes to review your materials over several days, more of the information will go into your long-term memory and your confidence during the test will skyrocket.

Good luck!  You can do this- as you take your learning into your own hands and prepare for your success.


One thought on “Midterms: January 14-17, 2013

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