End of Course Exam!

The EOC is next week, April 29- May 2.  There are lots of review materials on our

EOC review page.

**IMPORTANT CHANGE!  Print it ONLY if you want a hard copy of the review packet- we will be going over it in class.**


One thought on “End of Course Exam!

  1. jillianmpd6

    Ever wonder about the disease strep throat? I’m sure the majority of us have had it at least once in our lives. It is scientifically known as streptococcal pharyngitis, and the bacteria that causes this is called “streptococcal”, hence the first half of it’s name.
    The symptoms of this disease are fever, stomach pain, and swollen, red tonsils. It is really common in children and teenagers. This is an infectious disease, and is easily spread through casual contact like coughing, or even hand shakes. The streptococcal bacteria thrives in the area of the nose and throat, so it is fairly easily spread within schools and work places.
    Strep throat is treated with antibiotics, and that’s pretty much all. The only other thing to do is make sure to get plenty of rest, and you should be fine in a few days with the right antibiotics. Strep throat is as easily curable as it is contagious.

    Sources: http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/lung/strep_throat.html
    By: Jillian (Batman)


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